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Local-Motors-Rally-Fighter-2-1024x768[Image Source: Local-Motors]

Local Motors start their production with this vehicle. They're a community where engineers, designers, and manufacturers can work together on new designs and ideas.

Designer is Sangho Kim who is student at Art Center College of Design. The power source is typical American "muscle" engine - 6.2 liter V8 engine with 430 HP. This vehicle is offered with several options, such as leather interior, satellite navigation system, power windows and locks. It's main purpose is off-road activities, but the Rally Fighter is  street legal and it would not look ridiculous in urban conditions.

The price starts from $74,900 and depending on options you want to include, the price may grow to $80 000.


What is unusual for the most common cars, the Rally Fighter needs to be assembled before you can drive it. Said in other words, you receive the vehicle disassembled, in kit form, and needs to be assembled by you in order to drive it. But at least you'll be guided, purchasing the Rally Fighter leads you to what is known as the “Local Motors Build Experience”. That means that you'll have to spend two 3-days-long weekends in the Phoenix Micro-Factory of the company. There you'll be supervised and supported by Local Motors experts. So, if you want to become an expert about your vehicle, prepare some $75k and enjoy your time.



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