Ram Revolution Concept unveiled: The BEV will have a dedicated robot to handle the charging

'This makes a statement unlike any other."
Sade Agard
The Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept
The Ram Revolution 1500 BEV Concept


Today (January 5), the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023) marks another milestone in the rich history of Stellantis' truck brand, which revealed its fully battery-electric (BEV) Ram 1500 Revolution Concept. 

Set to arrive in 2024, the pickup truck "is designed to put its broad shoulders straight into the future," according to Mike Kovey, Ram's brand CEO.

Farewell to B pillars altogether

Ram Revolution Concept unveiled: The BEV will have a dedicated robot to handle the charging
Revolution: Vertical roof-support

With a swept-back windscreen and a lengthened wheelbase, the design has a sleek appearance. An illuminated "RAM" badge that is situated in between the LED headlights dominates the front end's blacked-out design.

"This just isn't another concept truck. No, it's so much more than that, and making a statement has always been in Ram's DNA. And this makes a statement unlike any other," he claimed. 

The entire glass roof features an electro-chromatic panel, and its tinting can be changed with a swipe below the integrated roof rails. Better yet, the cabin features ambient lighting operated through the overhead console. 

Digital cameras are built into the side mirrors, which are 3D printed. Ram claims that the 360-degree view system, which includes a smart backup camera integrated into the rearview mirror, will speed up and improve safety when towing a trailer.

"The strength of the cab allowed us to ditch the B pillars altogether," he said. These are the vertical roof-support structure between the front and rear doors. In addition, the saloon doors open to reveal what seems to be a very roomy interior.

An all-new inductive robot charger

Ram Revolution has also upped the charge time and range. To put customers' mind at ease about how long a charge will last on the road and how easy it is, the brand introduced a new inductive robot charger (or 'RAM' charger).

"It intelligently detects the vehicle's presence along with its charging needs and then automatically moves into position in a mind of itself under the vehicle," he said. The smart search capability will allow charging during off-peak times, providing more convenience and peace of mind for our customers. 

Based on the company's new STLA (pronounced stella) frame platform, the ramp revolution concept features a body-on-frame design that efficiently incorporates the battery pack, allowing for new levels of flexibility.

"With the Ram Revolution, you can configure the cab to deliver the kind of legroom you'd expect from a limo on the Strip," said Kovey.

The new BEV's enable front-to-back continuous space for multiple configurations for a suitable workspace environment or more cargo volume. 

A truck that follows you while you have a coffee

Ram Revolution also features a Shadow Mode. "Now imagine you're an architect in Austin, checking on the progress at a job site with blueprints or digital files. Or you're a farmer starting your morning between barns with feed beds for your stock, and you're having a morning coffee," said Kovey.

Well, Shadow Mode allows your ramp to follow you as you make the rounds where space allows and keeps what you need within reach. 

Stellantis also demonstrated their commitment to employing sustainable materials in the new BEV. That is, the Ram Revolution Concept features a lightweight and resilient grey slate natural stone veneer. The seats are made with apple leather, a byproduct from the apple industry that's both animal and cruelty-free. 

And a uniquely textured floor that's composed of recycled rubber and cork particles is durable, highly functional, and environmentally friendly.

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