Real life Tron bike sold for $77,000

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Fans of the movie TRON: Legacy who had cash to spend fought at auction recently over the working replica of the Tron bike called the Lightcycle. The bike was estimated to reach between US$25,000 and $40,000 but smashed this when it reached US$77,000 as part of the Andrews Collection.


[Image Source: RM Auctions]

The pre-sale guide was put up by RM Auctions but it seems that there were many fans of the movie wanting to purchase the bike. The Legacy Tron bike has a 96 v direct-drive electric motor complete with lithium batteries and has its own computer controlled throttle. To ensure that that bike wasn’t damaged in any way it was only ridden around the Andrews facilities.


[Image Source: RM Auctions]

While the Tron bike is a working replica it couldn’t be taken out onto the roads. It would definitely stand out sitting on the driveway of the winner but it would cause trouble if you were you trying to park it due to its size.

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[Image Source: RM Auctions]

The Tron Lightcycle features rigid rear suspension and spring-preload front suspension along with hydraulic brakes on the rear and front. The seat height is extremely low at just 28.5 inches so it is easy to ride travelling at low speed and was designed in conjunction with an outside firm and finished off in the Andrews workshop. It sold for the record breaking sum to an undisclosed bidder on May 2 2015.



[Image Source: RM Auctions]

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