Reinvented Scissors Solve a Problem We Didn't Even Know We Had

Trevor English

There are many products that for the most part haven't seen too much change over their lifespan. Scissors are perhaps one of those products, and believe it or not, one man has come up with a much better and more ergonomic design. Using the idea that your hand is most comfortable in a natural upright position, Right Shears bring a 90˚ angle to the cutting blades and handle. This not only makes them more comfortable to hold but also gives you better leverage for getting through thick materials. These reinvented scissors solve a problem we didn't even know we had. Check out the video below to learn more.

Right shears are supposedly much easier to use, and they are currently undergoing funding on Kickstarter. The founders even let their 3-year-ol daughter use them (with supervision) and she has picked up using them much faster than traditional scissors. Hear what Right Shears have to say about the creation of their product:

"I started out creating Right Shears with the intention of building a tool that I wanted to use, in order to solve a problem that I was facing, and I ended up with a radical pair of scissors that is useful beyond my wildest dreams!  Not only do they solve my original problem, but also many other problems such as the tricky ergonomics of conventional scissors. I believe that Right Shears are useful for every single person, but I am unbelievably excited by the prospect of helping people suffering from various conditions affecting hand, wrist, arm and shoulder movement!  Please join me in bringing Right Shears to them and to the world!" ~ Right Shears Founder

ea56261c33f0c0a489db305092de71c6_original[Image Source: Right Shears]

When you have to use scissors for a long period of time, you have probably experienced the hand cramping and awkward positioning that always accompanies the device. Right shears practically eliminate these pains and are likely the most ergonomic scissors on the market. Yet another way practical engineering has been used to redefine everyday tools to make them better for everyone.

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