Report Claims Huawei HongMeng OS "60% Faster" Than Google's Android

Reports of Huawei testing its new OS system with domestic providers have been newly speculated.
Fabienne Lang

Huawei's ongoing battle with the U.S. has led to reports by Chinese news agency, the Global Times, to claim that the Chinese tech firm is working closely with domestic partners.

With the Global Times as a government-friendly newspaper, comments have to be taken in the context of a PR showdown between Washington and Beijing. 


The point of the story is that with the U.S. government ban on Huawei's products being manufactured by American providers and companies, the Chinese firm is now supposedly looking inwardly and working with local providers to create its next OS system.

This could place Google and their Android OS in a sticky situation, and in competition. 

The Global Times stated that "Huawei is reportedly intensively testing its proprietary operating system (OS) HongMeng with internet giants and domestic smartphone vendors, and the new system will be launched in the next few months."

That's quick. 

Tencent, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo collaborating with Huawei

The companies that the Global Times has cited as working with Huawei are the technology giant Tencent, and smartphone creators Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.

The domestic newspaper also said that the major Chinese technology companies "are actively working with Huawei to push forward the release of HongMeng OS, which is also considered as a major blow to the US-led crackdown."

An official spokesperson for Huawei has stated that the actual launch date of the OS is still a "secret". Placing question marks on the Global Times' citations of a Fall launch on Huawei's Mate 30, or P40.

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None of the Chinese tech firms supposedly working with Huawei have provided comments.

"60 percent faster" than Google Android

None of the claims made by the Global Times, as well as Huawei's head of business, Richard Yu, that the company's new OS will be considerably faster have been verified. Leaving speculation that this is all a big PR stint

In amongst these toings and froings lie Google and Apple smack bang in the middle of these concessions. As neither tech giants are able to use or manufacture Huawei's products, they have been reported to be searching for other technological collaborators, outside of China. 

At this stage all we can do is wait and see how this trade war will continue to pan out. Speculations may rise and fall but only time will tell.

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