Reprogrammable Quantum Computer is the First in the World

A research team has just created the first quantum computer that can be programmed and reprogrammed using lasers to alter qubits.
Trevor English

Quantum computing is quite possibly the most promising technology in the world right now, as it's successful use could completely change the world. While quantum computing is still in its infancy, advances are being made constantly. A research team has just created the first quantum computer that can be programmed and reprogrammed.

This means that there now exists the possibility to create a quantum computer that essentially operates exactly like a traditional computer, a big hurdle for the industry. As you may know, quantum computing is such a big deal because it allows for more than 2 states, rather data can be a 1, a 0 or both at the same time (superposition).

Another recent advance in the industry found that mothballs allow the creation of a quantum computer at room temperature, another major breakthrough. This new quantum computer and its ability to be reprogrammed requires a surprising amount of complex physics, according to Science Alert.

Three algorithms have already been solved with the new computer, essentially proving its computing abilities. According to JQI, the small computer is made up of five ions trapped by a magnetic field. You can take a look at the video below to see a little more about how it works.

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Part of what makes this new quantum machine programmable is the team's newfound ability to shift the states of the qubits on command. The team uses a laser to switch the state of cubits, reprogramming the machine.


Breakthroughs like this one are continuing to push forward the quantum computing world, and soon we may see the rise of the quantum supercomputer in every household.