Residential Building in India Collapses with 40 Families Inside

More than 70 people are feared to still be stuck beneath the rubble.
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UPDATE August 26th: The death toll has risen to 12 people, per CNN's report, and four people are still missing. They are assumed to still be trapped beneath the debris. 

Originally, authorities believed that around 70 people were trapped under the rubble, those numbers have since been revised.

The rescue mission is still underway, and the cause of the building's collapse is still unknown.

Original article:

A relatively new building collapsed in India on Monday night, killing one person, injuring around seven people, with a total of 15 people so far pulled out of the rubble thanks to local rescue efforts. It's believed that around 70 people are still trapped beneath the rubble, as per the Indian Express.

The five-storey building, known as Tarique Garden, is in the town of Mahad, some 105 miles (170 km) from Mumbai. It was only roughly 10 years old, putting into question its infrastructure. 


A "pancake collapse"

The residential building underwent what's known as a "pancake collapse," when the top floors start to crumble and cause the rest of the building to follow suit.

As per the Indian Express' report, the building housed around 40 families. Twenty-five of the families were rescued, while 15 are still trapped.

It appears the building started shaking hours before it collapsed, at which point some families evacuated. 

Sajid Pore, one of the building's residents who lived there with his family of seven. Pore was not at home when the building collapsed but heard what happened through his family.

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Pore told the Indian Express that "Naveed, a boy from the building was sitting in the parking lot when he saw the building shake. He raised an alarm, following which many families were evacuated."

He continued by explaining "There are 47 flats in the building. The building is not even old. Even 100-year-old buildings stand strong. The builders’ work was obviously substandard."

Given the building's young 'age' the question surrounding its construction is a clear one in this instance. Adding to that, the region in which the town of Mahad is located received some rainfall over the weekend, which some believe could have assisted in the demise of the collapse. 

That said, buildings are meant to withstand such exterior backlashes without collapsing. Especially when they're just 10 years old. 

The district is still working hard at trying to pull everyone out from beneath the debris.

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