Revolution in the Real-Time Simulation Market

ANSYS Discovery Live is a simulation software that enables engineers to create simulations faster and with fewer system interferences.
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Created: 11/20/2019
Discovery Live external flowlines military vehicleANSYS

Speed and accuracy are two cornerstones of efficient and successful project simulation. Yet too often, engineers face a problem of slow software processing and complicated software navigation. After entering model information and geometry, it used to take hours or even days to see results, but now you can forget about lengthy processes and work inefficiencies.

ANSYS, the leading engineering simulation solution provider, introduced to the market one of a kind ANSYS Discovery Live software. The system was inspired by the struggle many engineers face - slow and complicated software that instead of serving its purpose, cripples the work.

Now, the industry experts can make simulations within seconds, and keep excellent performance.

What’s Discovery Live?

Recently, ANSYS introduced its revolutionary simulation software ANSYS Discovery Live. The system is designed to reduce execution time from importing geometry and specifications of a project into the system to receiving a fully-built simulation. 

The new solution saves engineers’ time and resources as setup, solving, and result-generating takes only seconds. Another significant system’s benefit is that it can be used by engineers who don’t have much software operating skills. It’s built in a way that enables every professional to use all the essential simulation features without much trouble.

The fast concept allows users to design projects using virtual experimentation in fluid, thermal, structural, and modal applications. Extensive features help to develop comprehensive and accurate end products and conduct more experiments before finishing a project.

The software uses the graphics card (GPU), which has thousands of processors running in parallel. This technology provides highly intuitive processing - when you enter a piece of data, the system delivers results within seconds, thus you can see your design and make necessary alterations immediately if needed. 

Check how it works:

ANSYS Discovery Live benefits

Revolution in the Real-Time Simulation Market

Discovery Live structural elements. Source: ANSYS


By all means, speed is what brings Discovery Live to the next level of simulation software. The processors in the ANSYS integrated GPU pass the information within seconds and make the application respond in real-time.

ANSYS says that previous products were the foundation and inspiration for Discovery Live. Engineers behind this project used trusted numerical methods and customized them to meet an improved GPU architecture.

“I was blown away by the speed and ease of use of Discovery. The time to complete an analysis is on the order of minutes as opposed to hours. You will be able to perform your first analysis in less than 15 minutes.” — Travis Jacobs, Founder & Principal, Jacobs Analytics

Easy-to-use navigation

Even the most experienced engineers often find themselves struggling with numerous simulation software setups and configurations. ANSYS Discovery Live creates simulation setups itself and thereby enables engineers to focus on what matters the most - the project and functionality of the physics.

Facilitated utilization also opens doors for engineers with less simulation software experience to implement it to daily modeling processes.

Improved methods

Discovery Live uses different physics and geometry to execute even the most complex projects. Engineers can use it together with rough CAD geometry or faceted data such as an STL file and still operate at the same efficiency, as even the most sophisticated models don’t slow its solve time. 

“I never thought I’d be able to do CFD modeling unless I pursued a higher level engineering degree. I was able to complete structural simulations in Discovery Live after tinkering with it for just a few hours. The intuitive UI made it easy for me to utilize, which streamlined my solution process.” — Olivia Lim, Materials/Structures Engineer, Airloom Energy

Revolution in the Real-Time Simulation Market

Discovery Live vehicle structural. Source: ANSYS

Interactive performance

Discovery Live distinguishes with interactive design, which makes physics and geometry alterations adjust instantly. It doesn’t stop the process and doesn’t need to reload the simulation. Which we all can agree saves a lot of time and energy.


Again, ANSYS set the bar higher for the simulation software industry and enabled more professionals to boost their work by using graphical simulations. Discovery Live benefits engineers with an easy-to-use and fast system to carry out complicated simulations and projects.

GPU allows the software to provide results instantly, bringing it closer to real-time modeling. On top of that, the platform flexibility allows more alterations and modeling options to improve engineers’ work.

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