Revolutionary Stove Allows You to Cook with Any Biomass

Trevor English

If you love camping or simply love cooking outdoors, it can often be hard to get a fire started and sustained. When you do, a lot of energy is wasted through the smoke, or you end up having to use man-made fuels which can be hard on the environment. The Enki Stove Wild was designed to be fueled off of any dry biomass you can find on the ground, and it is completely smoke-free, harvesting all the potential energy from the fuel you find. It doesn't produce just any flame either, in fact, the fire is channeled into a professional type burner layout that allows you to cook like a pro in the middle of the wilderness. Check out the Enki Stove in the video below to learn a little bit more about how it works.

All you need to start this stove is a few dry twigs, or literally any biomass you find on the ground that can burn. Once you get everything lit, you plug in the stove to its battery or solar panel, and the innovative clean cooking process is ready to go. Part of what makes this stove so incredible is its super efficient burning process. In a normal fire, a lot of energy, and not to mention pollution, is lost in the smoke put off. The Enki Stove Wild on the other hand, burns almost the all of the smoke, meaning a cleaner environment, less fuel, and a better flame.

cook anything with stove[Image Source: Enki Stove]

The alternative to this stove has always been to carry around large fuel tanks, or hassle with starting or building a fire yourself. For anyone that has ever tried to start a fire while camping, it's harder than it looks. This revolutionary stove brings less hassle to your camping trip, and it allows for a professional cooking flame to accompany you anywhere!

The Enki Stove is also different than normal charcoal stoves that require priming, as it is ready to cook in just a few seconds. For anyone who camps, or even just loves cooking and the environment, this product is a must have. It only weighs 1.3 kilograms, and as long as there are twigs or dried biomass around, you can cook forever!

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biofuel cooking stove[Image Source: Enki Stove]

If you're wondering how to get your hands on one, they have launched on Kickstarter and have far exceeded their initial goal of US$33,000. For only US$180, you can get your hands on this valuable tool. You may be able to find other camping grills for less, but when you take into account the cost of fuel, the Enki Stove practically pays for itself in just a few uses.

The Enki Stove Wild comes in two different sizes, with built in wind shields and each constructed in Italy from nautical grade stainless steel.

fire in biofuel stove[Image Source: Enki Stove]

Between helping keep the environment cleaner, and having a more efficient easy-to-use flame, there really isn't much not to like about the Enki Stove Wild. Be sure to go take a look at one of these innovative stoves, which are set to ship almost as soon as you order.

Get this incredible eco-friendly cooking tool here!

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