Revolutionizing outdoors: More than just a wagon's tale

Here's a leap into the future of wagons.
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Created: 9/5/2023
Unveiling the future of wagons

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When you’re out there in the woods, away from the daily hustle and bustle of city life and enjoying serenity in the arms of nature, camping appears like a boon. It’s a different feeling altogether when you close your eyes, and with a deep breath, absorb all the freshness and tranquility that surrounds you. It’s a bliss, albeit a short-lived one. 

Collecting firewood, transporting camping gear, carrying water from distant sources; there are abundant activities that can drain the life out of you and make the experience anything but just relaxing. 

Wagons can be the great ‘friend in need’ you’re looking for, but they don’t guarantee easy transport. The experience turns even worse when you’re panting for breath and trying to transport supplies and gear over hilly terrain or long roads. It’s worse. 

Introducing the eWagon W1 Pro - A leap into the future

Revolutionizing outdoors: More than just a wagon's tale
eWagon W1 Pro

Imagine when you’re pulling the wagon with all your supplies and gear in it, how about not having to apply all the pressure and strength to pull it up? 

The eWagon W1 Pro by Litheli is designed just to do that. It’s the first-of-its-kind electric wagon that can be powered through a power bank so it can eliminate the physical exertion that can have you sweating profusely out of exhaustion. 

Thanks to the powerful 500W motor and the immediate-stopping mechanism, it ensures a reliable carrying experience guaranteeing safety and confidence. It can effortlessly conquer grasslands or muddy paths and transport heavy loads to the destination with a speed of 0.6 to 1.3 m/s. The 8-inch multi-terrain wheels of the eWagon W1 Pro provide smooth and versatile maneuverability, making it easy to navigate various terrains with precision and ease.

Revolutionizing outdoors: More than just a wagon's tale
Litheli U-BATTERY Plus

One of its most interesting features is the Litheli U-BATTERY Plus which powers it for up to 30 minutes. It comes with a detachable design so if the power runs out, you can swap it with and bid goodbye to the battery worries that can affect your escapades. 

Through its triple switch system and startup protection, you can enjoy great peace of mind. You just need to insert the key, press the lock, and trigger while pulling the handle to activate securely.

The eWagon W1 Pro also offers commendable speed flexibility with its speed control method so you can drive it seamlessly on multiple terrains without hassle. And, when you’re out collecting firewood or other objects, just open the tailgate to utilize more storage space and carry it to the campsite without any trouble. The opening tailgate amplifies the total storage capacity up to 200L. 

The eWagon W1 Pro is designed with folding mechanics, so it’s definitely not taking up much space when not in use. The design also makes it portable enough so you don’t face any trunk space nightmares and storage becomes a breeze. 

Unleash Energy Like Never Before With the IPS Model

Imagine a world where one battery is the key to a multitude of devices. Litheli’s groundbreaking Infinity Power Share (IPS) With Litheli's groundbreaking IPS model may surprises you, that's exactly what you get. Say goodbye to juggling multiple chargers and batteries for tools, IPS is enabling cross-scenario power utilization for various tasks with the same battery.

From powering the robust eWagon W1 Pro to breathing life into Litheli's 20V eco-friendly tools like lawnmowers and leaf blowers, this singular battery unit, the U-BATTERY Plus does it all. Moreover, its versatility extends beyond the eWagon W1 Pro and tools—it's also a high-frequency power bank, ready to charge your phone and laptop whenever you need it.

Dive into a realm where energy knows no bounds, and where convenience meets sustainability. The IPS model revolutionizes how energy is utilized, offering flexible and independent power solutions for diverse life scenarios. It's not just about powering up; it's about powering smarter. 

The Ultimate Power Source by Eclair 1000

Revolutionizing outdoors: More than just a wagon's tale
Eclair 1000

Believe it or not, when all the power banks run out, that means you’d need a robust power supply in that case. The answer to this lies in the kit itself. Remember we talked about the U-BATTERY Plus a few moments ago? 

These U-BATTERY Plus power banks are a detachable part of the Power Hub Eclair 1000  - a highly efficient device with a power of 1069Wh that can take care of your needs for portable power whenever you’re enjoying outdoor trips, the innovative detachable design also means that power could be easily shared between friends or family members.

Designed to offer 10X fast charging as compared to other power stations, the Power Hub Eclair 1000 can get fully charged in a mere 59 minutes, providing an 1800W output, and is capable of driving appliances with a maximum rated power of 2200W  with the enhanced BlitzDrivz™ drive technology, which can satisfy almost 90% of your devices. This feature makes it a perfect solution as a versatile portable power source that can be used for indoor as well as outdoor needs during power shortages.

You can also experience advanced safety with the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Even after 3000+ cycles, it retains over 80% of its capacity. Pair that with its low-noise fan, and you're assured of quiet power that's ideal for peaceful outdoor settings. 

The Power Hub Eclair 1000 also boasts a UPS function that can protect your devices from power outages and keep an uninterrupted power supply intact. Also, with its versatile design featuring up to 14 output interfaces, this power hub can simultaneously power multiple devices, adapting to your varied power needs seamlessly.

About Litheli 

Founded in 2017, Litheli is an innovator of new energy power and tools, with the mission to make power more flexible and tools easier to use. After 3 years of product planning, R&D, and patent innovation, Litheli became the creator of the DC2.0 battery platform and Infinity Power Share (IPS).

Litheli has built product lines covering scenarios including indoor, garden, car, and outdoor, with a range of solar panels, power storage, standard external batteries, and battery-powered tools products, presenting a totally independent energy experience of generate, store, change, use, bringing more convenience and lower cost to the users. 

 For an in-depth look at their expansive product range, one can visit the official Litheli website.

Who is it for?

Revolutionizing outdoors: More than just a wagon's tale
Litheli's eWagon W1 Pro

Whether you’re an RV enthusiast, landscaper, gardener, or just an avid camper like most of us are, the double pack of eWagon W1 Pro and Power Hub Eclair 1000  is bound to make your life easier with the sheer power and convenience it offers. Compared to the traditional utility wagons, it can

1. Reduce workload and help you avoid exhaustion since it can drive up hilly terrains using electric power.

2. Provide extra storage space for your belongings by just staying put.

3. Offer seamless flexibility in terms of controlling the speed to adapt to multiple paces or terrains.

4. Hardly consumes any storage space when it’s not in use, thanks to its foldable mechanism.

5. Promise endless adventure without any hassle, given the ability to provide an uninterrupted power supply. 

In Conclusion…

The eWagon W1 Pro, coupled with the Power Hub Eclair 1000, represents a transformative leap in outdoor mobility and energy solutions. Thanks to their groundbreaking technology, you can enjoy relief from the traditional outdoor challenges. Robust power, efficient design, and sustainability; all go hand-in-hand in this innovation.

The eWagon W1 Pro is on the course to being launched in the market. You can sign up with Indiegogo to enjoy a 53% OFF discount which means it's only $199! And keep yourself updated on the launch date. Embrace the future of carriage and mobility with the eWagon W1 Pro and the Eclair 1000, where innovation meets practicality every day as your next adventure awaits!

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