Watch Rivian's electric pickup retrieve a boat from a lake

It is easier done than said.
Ameya Paleja
The Rivian pulling the boat


Boat owners are well aware of the troubles they have to go through at marinas to get their boats in or out of the water. Now, a brave Rivian R1T owner shows how it can be done in a hassle-free way, after adjusting a few settings on the electric pickup, InsideEVs reported.

Electric vehicle (EV) owners are a special bunch. Not only are they helping usher in a new generation of transportation, they are also helping us understand the limits of EVs in the market today. For EV makers, this can help improve their vehicles, while for prospective EV owners, this helps in building confidence using EVs in situations where one would simply not trust an internal combustion engine-powered vehicle.

Tesla's 'boat mode' is something you can see trending on social media every time a major city receives a heavy downpour and the streets flood. Although Elon Musk touted this as a capability of his EV that you can activate, and not necessarily a function, it has helped Tesla users around the world get home on those trying days.

Rivian's 'boat mode'

Rivian is the new EV on the market and users have started experimenting to determine its limits too. From time to time, we see Rivian users post videos about their escapades with their new EV, and this one user, Rivvit . blog, has given a new definition to Boat Mode by retrieving their boat from Bear Lake in Idaho.

The boat owner also chose to use their EV pickup because they would have had to wait hours in a queue to retrieve their boat using specially designed vehicles. Incidentally, Bear Lake is also known for its gentle slopes, which made it easier for them to get their EV into the water.

All the user did was put the suspension setting of the R1T at the highest level and gently reverse into the waters until the boat could be secured to the trailer. Once that was done, the four individual motors of the pickup showed the prowess of the torque they can generate and got the boat out of the water—as seen in the video above.

Not the first time though

It also helped that the Rivian user also used their EV to first lower their boat into the lake to begin with. As per their note on their YouTube channel, the experience of launching the boat was also important in how they worked to get their boat out of the lake. They also used some basic physics and ensured that the EV gained a bit of momentum while the boat was still afloat, so that its weight did not prevent the pickup from moving forward initially.

It also helps that Rivian engineers rigorously tested their electric pickup for such conditions. Last year, founder and CEO, RJ Scaringe, tweeted a short clip showcasing how the R1T could wade through water.

So, while the R1T owner gets all the kudos for the rightful application of the pickup's capabilities, equal credit goes to the engineering that makes it possible. Something that you would just not think about doing with a gas-powered pickup, an EV makes it so easy to execute.

To the marina then!

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