Robert Maddox's crazy pulsejet engines and Insane go-karts

Step into the world of Robert Maddox, an extraordinary engineer and creator of the largest pulsejet engines in existence.
Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji Bello
Robbert Maddox on a go-kart
Robbert Maddox on a go-kart

Robbert Maddox/ Youtube 

Imagine sitting on a go-kart that roars with deafening thunder, propelling you forward at breakneck speeds. Picture a bicycle or even a skateboard that ignites flames beneath you, ready to unleash an exhilarating journey. 

These pulse-pounding machines are the brainchild of Robert Maddox, an engineering genius who constructs the most insane pulsejet engines ever seen.

From an early age, Maddox was consumed by a fascination with thrust-propelled machines. As a child, he would construct wooden planes with rockets attached. It wasn't until his 20s, while skydiving, that he encountered the pulsejet engine and knew he had found his ultimate obsession.

Pulsejet engines captivated Maddox. However, pulsejets were predominantly small engines designed for model aircraft at that time. Unfazed by the lack of options, Maddox took matters into his own hands and began building his engines from scratch.

His first pulsejet engine, a prototype strapped to his body, boasted an impressive 50 pounds of thrust. Undeterred by the risk and fueled by his passion, Maddox quickly realized the vast potential of these engines. 

With a relentless drive to push boundaries, he embarked on a remarkable journey of designing and constructing pulsejet-powered engines. Maddox's pulsejet engines soon grew in size and power. 

Today, he builds engines with an astonishing 1000 pounds of thrust, making them the largest pulsejet engines in the world. 

These engines are not limited to go-karts; Maddox's potential knows no bounds. He integrates them into cars, bicycles, and even skateboards. It’s like he transforms everyday vehicles into engineering wonders.

The reach of the pulse jet engines 

One notable collaboration that showcased Maddox's expertise was his involvement in creating a jet-powered bike for an episode of the renowned television show Mythbusters. 

This remarkable project demonstrated his ability to merge cutting-edge technology with real-world challenges. 

Pulsejets, though captivating, are notorious for their inefficiency. The majority of the fuel they consume is transformed into noise rather than usable thrust. They also generate a lot of heat. The fiery glow of the engines probably adds to the experience. The engines reach scorching temperatures as they rev up, creating a spectacle that thrills onlookers and riders alike.

Robert Maddox offers a unique opportunity for those captivated by the pulsejet experience and seeking their own extraordinary adventure. He builds pulsejet engines for individuals, tailoring each creation to their specific needs and desires. 

The prices for these one-of-a-kind machines vary depending on the complexity and customization involved. As his popular YouTube channel stated, Maddox's pulsejet-powered bikes have been sold for over $25,000.

Robert Maddox's pulsejet-powered inventions have transcended the realm of ordinary vehicles. People flock to his YouTube channel in their thousands to watch his latest videos and see what he comes up with.