Robot Firm Giving $1,000 Monthly Stipend to People it Replaces

The move is making automation more human-friendly.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The introduction of robots in our working fields has not been without fear. Many speak of a robocalypse where machines take over many if not all human jobs.



Now, one firm that is indeed taking human jobs has taken a proactive approach toward tackling these fears. For every person, one of its robots replaces, the firm will offer a $1,000 monthly stipend to someone in that field, according to Digital Trends.

The first recipient of this charity will be a 50-year-old U.S. citizen who was employed in restaurants and hotels for most of his career. Brian Townsell actually wanted to work in the brewery field, but was unable to support his family while pursuing this goal.

Now, Makr Shakr, the company behind the robotic bartender system Toni, is giving him the money to make his dream come true although it is not yet clear how long the support will last. But that's not all.

The robot bartending firm is also training Townswell for his new profession. So far, the firm has sponsored Townsell through four months of the brewery science and service college course.

Retraining employees

Retraining employees to find more suitable work has often been discussed as automation rises. Those who do not fear the robocalypse recognize that automation can create new jobs that will need to be filled.

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Makr Shakr's program is ideal as it combines both retraining and the idea of a universal basic income. The firm has allowed Townswell to provide for his family while preparing for a better future.

Although it is an exciting idea, the fact that this service comes from a private company is a bit risky. How does the firm decide who is in most need of the service?

Perhaps, the project would work better as a government program. Still, it is a great start to making automation more human-friendly.

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