Robot Treats Brain Aneurysms for the First Time

The procedure is a step toward achieving remote neurovascular surgeries.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Canadian researchers have successfully achieved the first robotic brain vascular procedure. The robot that was used was specifically adapted for neurovascular surgeries equipped with changes that enabled it to accommodate micro-catheters, guide wires, and other devices used for endovascular procedures in the brain.


A first step

"This experience is the first step towards achieving our vision of remote neurovascular procedures," said in a statement lead researcher Vitor Mendes Pereira, M.D., M.Sc., a neurosurgeon and neuroradiologist at the Toronto Western Hospital, and professor of medical imaging and surgery at the University of Toronto in Canada. "The ability to robotically perform intracranial aneurysm treatment is a major step forward in neuro-endovascular intervention."

In total, the surgeons have performed six successful aneurysm treatments with the help of the robot. The procedures even included deploying various devices such as flow-diverting stents.

Controlled remotely

"The expectation is that future robotic systems will be able to be controlled remotely. For example, I could be at my hospital and deliver therapy to a patient hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away," Mendes Pereira said. "The ability to deliver rapid care through remote robotics for time-critical procedures such as stroke could have a huge impact on improving patient outcomes and allow us to deliver cutting-edge care to patients everywhere, regardless of geography."

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"Our experience, and that of future operators of this technology, will help develop the workflows and processes necessary to implement successful robotic programs, which will ultimately help establish remote care networks in the future," Mendes Pereira said.

Robots today are used in many capacities and greatly improve any field in which they are present. Would you trust a robot with surgery?

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