ROOMZZ: VW's 'Electrifying' SUV Will Hit Markets by 2021

VW's latest model in its I.D. line will electrify the markets through balancing comfort, health, and efficiency
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As of early April, VW has officially showcased its latest automobile in its electric car line I.D. called Roomzz. Presented at the Auto Shanghai the model is expected to hit Chinese markets by 2021.

The auto-maker, keeping up with their 'one-step-ahead' outlook doesn't shy from introducing several enticing innovations for its latest concept project. Following in suit with other models, such as Buzz Cargo  – notably boasting an automated driving system that is outfitted to handle commercial delivery markets – the ROOMZZ SUV builds on this automation technology while catering to humans on board scenarios.

Full of features

Take the specially rigged seating system which allows 20degree rotation of seats when the vehicle is switched into automated driving mode. This allows for a more socially conducive experience, which is only added by reclining seats, allowing for maximum comfort.

Klaus Bischoff, the chief designer at the Volkswagen brand, has made the following observations on the Roomzz model:

“This SUV is a monolith, appearing to be seamlessly machined from one solid block. The battery-powered ID. ROOMZZ moves effortlessly – silently and without emissions.”

To no great shock, the ROOMZZ will be a zero admission vehicle. It seems to be just this kind of consideration that will make the car stand out in the Chinese auto market wherein metropolitan areas have been known to face exponential issues with air pollution. As Dr Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Brand's Board of Management has commented: "In the Tradition of Volkswagen to be one step ahead, we are just now working on solutions for the challenges of tomorrow, think ahead about sustainable mobility for our customers and for better air quality in our cities.”

Breathe easy

Adding to the ecological considerations will be particular features enabling the protection of passengers who will inevitably drive these eco-friendly models in the midst of cities still dominated by gas-guzzling, congestion spreading, vehicles. How to bypass such a problem? Well, now we must turn our attention towards the in-built air filtration system. As officially worded on VW's press announcement for ROOMZZ: “the CleanAir system uses an active filter system to ensure that the air in the vehicle interior remains clean even if the ambient air isn’t.”

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You may be wondering about the horsepower and general endurance capacities of the vehicle.... well its nothing to disappoint. This battery powered machine is nothing to laugh about when it comes to force. The ROOMZZ can accelerate to 100km in 6.6 seconds! Further: “With its 82-kWh battery, the ID. ROOMZZ boasts a range of up to 450 km (WLTP) or 475 km (NEDC, China), respectively before the battery has to be recharged. In about half an hour, the concept car can be recharged to 80% of its capacity via a fast charging system with 150 kW (DC).”

From the looks of it, the ROOMZZ SUV of the I.D. Line will be just what VW needs to critically distinguish itself from the broader electric car lines that are expected to saturate the markets in the coming decades.

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