Rugged ATV with Airless Tires is Virtually Indestructible

Trevor English

POLARIS 4 wheeler[Image Source: Polaris]

If you are looking to own one of the most awesome personal off-road vehicles, we have found it. The Polaris Sportsman MV 850 TerrainArmor Edition is designed for military personnel with ballistic proof wheels and a rugged armored exterior. Featuring an 850cc/ 77HP engine and electric power steering, this machine can take on anything you throw at it. The wheels are specifically designed without air using a hexagonal web that allows shock absorption along with the added perk of never going flat.

POLARIS military atv[Image Source: Polaris]

The engineers who designed this off-road machine have taken a lot of aspects into consideration. The steering axis is placed along the neutral center of the wheels which reduces kickback from rugged terrain. An integrated ascent and descent monitoring system regulates the speed of the ATV and increased handling ability for the rider.

The specialized airless tires have been tested through some of the most intense damage. They are rated to travel more than 1000 miles with a railroad spike driven through them. When shot with an M4 or AK47, they are also capable of traveling more than 1000 miles. If your ATV wheel happens to take a direct hit from a .50 caliber rifle, it can keep on trekking for another 350 miles. While the civilians that buy this likely will never see this kind of opposition, it is reassuring to know your machine can take it.

gray military ATV[Image Source: Polaris]

Since the tires will rarely require replacing, it also eliminates the need for an onboard spare, increasing cargo capacity, over 600 pounds, in fact. The lights on the MV 850 also function in blackout mode so the rider can wear night vision goggles (NVGs) in covert operations. If you happen to get stuck, unlikely as it may be in this machine, the front features a built in 3,000 lb winch with controls on the dashboard.

military airless ATV[Image Source: Polaris]

Engineers behind this machine have literally thought of everything someone would need in a war zone, or during an epic paintball battle. If you are interesting in purchasing the ATV, you will have to request a quote from Polaris here. To give you some idea of the price range, its predecessor cost US$14,999 base, so you can expect the cost of the Sportsman MV 850 TerrainArmor to be somewhere in there.

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