Russia Is Developing New Missile Technology That Uses Artificial Intelligence

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Russia is catching up with the US and China in developing new missile technology with artificial intelligence. The AI gives a strategic advantage as it allows missiles to choose the target in mid-air.

In modern day warfare, the top 3 military super powers of the world –the US, China, and Russia, are investing heavily to outsmart each other in air superiority, stealth, and missile technology.Russia Is Developing New Missile Technology That Uses Artificial Intelligence

[Image Source: Kremlin]

What Russia is planning to do

According to Boris Obnosov, CEO of Tactical Missiles Corporation, “Work in this area is under way. This is a very serious field where fundamental research is required. As of today, certain successes are available, but we’ll still have to work for several years to achieve specific results”. The statement underlies the effort required to get the desired results.

Though Boris did not mention the missile name, he asserted that within few years, the AI technology will be developed to match up to the other two superpowers. After studying the significant capabilities of AI missiles used by the US in Syria, he is quick to retort in favor of developing AI technology.

Missiles embedded with artificial intelligence can change course in mid-air and choose their targets. This technology will enable the missile to outsmart and gain strategic advantage in the war zone. Last year, China announced that AI technology is being incorporated in long range anti-ship missiles to give autonomous target capabilities.

Speaking on using AI missiles on aircraft, Russian Commander-in- Chief of Air Force, General Viktor Bondarev said to Russia’s official newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta that “It is impossible to build a missile carrying bomber invisible to radars and supersonic at the same time. This is why the focus is placed on stealth capabilities. The PAK DA will carry AI-guided missiles with a range of up to 7,000 kilometers (about 4,350 miles). Such a missile can analyze the aerial and radio situation and determine its direction, altitude, and speed. We are already working on such missiles”.

The statement emphasizes the need and underlying benefits of AI capability. Apparently, he believes that bolstering Russia’s next-gen stealth fighter aircraft with AI-guided missiles will give the edge over its enemies.

New era in electronic warfare

Apparently, the Russians are planning to take AI to next level using robots. The CEO of Kronstadt Group, Armen Isaakyan says that he wants to bring on AI to develop “Swarm of drones”, which can coordinate with each other and fire at destined targets to accomplish the mission without human intervention.

He further adds, “It will, undoubtedly, happen in the future. To date, it’s too early to talk about ‘Swarms’, except for some secret programs, perhaps. Still, there already exist completely autonomous AI operation systems that provide the means for UAV clusters, when they fulfill missions autonomously, sharing tasks between them, and interact”.

The acquisition of cutting-edge technology through AI is critical to outmaneuver the enemy. The race to build defense strike capabilities with artificial intelligence is seen as the beginning of a new era in electronic warfare.