Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet Pilot Flies Without Protective Shield

The bitter cold and strong winds must have been hard to bear!
Fabienne Lang
Su-57 fighter pilot flying without canopyRussia Ministry of Defense/YouTube

Making a rather windy statement, a Russian Su-57 fighter jet test pilot has been captured flying without a protective canopy. 

A video posted on YouTube on October 2nd by the Russian Ministry of Defense showed a string of impressive tactics carried out by different jets. One such tactic was of a Su-57 pilot flying high up in the skies without the protective plexiglass shield.

The incredibly strong winds and the painfully low air temperature must have certainly been felt by the test pilot. 

The news was first reported by Popular Mechanics on Wednesday.


Air tactics

The Su-57, officially known as the Sukhoi Su-57, and unofficially to NATO as the "Felon", has been long-awaited by all. 

And perhaps to truly test the fighter jet out, the test pilot was told to fly it without the regular plexiglass cockpit canopy on.

Sometimes, these canopies are destroyed mid-air, leaving the pilot to face the harsh elements as they fly at high speeds and altitudes. So it seems very likely that this particular flight could have been testing the pilot's ability to carry on flying, as well as the machinery in question operating, as per Popular Mechanics' take on the matter.

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Celebrating the V.P. Chkalov State Flight Test Center’s 100th anniversary

As you watch the video, the brief section of the Su-57 fighter jet without its canopy appears at the 1:10 mark

The video was made to celebrate the V.P. Chkalov State Flight Test Center’s 100th anniversary, as per Popular Mechanics. The point of the flight test center is to test new and upgraded Russian aircraft. 

The Su-57 is a large stealth fighter with twin engines, which is able to carry out anti-air and air-to-ground assignments. It is also Russia's first stealth fighter jet.

It's a fifth-generation fighter that merges speed, stealth, and advanced weapons and sensors. 

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