Russian troops are using wooden logs to armor their convoy trucks

Desperate times call for interesting measures.
Loukia Papadopoulos
KAMAZ-5350 military truck of RussiaWikimedia Commons

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Russian convoys navigating hostile and dangerous territory in Ukraine have taken up a very peculiar way of fortifying their trucks in order to survive Ukrainian attacks, according to a tweet shared on Saturday by the cohost and editor of TheOsintBunker.

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They are using wooden logs to armor their convoy trucks.

Wooden logs to the rescue

The tweet featured images of Russian KAMAZ trucks showcasing several logs strategically placed on the front bumpers of the vehicles to protect them against incoming attacks. Carved on the logs are the distinctive “V” markings that have come to be associated with Russian vehicles in the sector.

According to the pictures, the logs could very well have been cut from the trees right behind the vehicles. Their purpose is not entirely clear as no one has spoken with the engineers behind the wooden fortifications but they are likely intended to protect the trucks’ radiators from small arms fires.

Russian vehicle crews simply can't afford to have their engines overheat and shut down making them an open target for Ukrainian ambushes. Some of the trucks even added junk metal to their creative armor.

What are the trucks carrying?

Russia convoy trucks deliver everything to forces on the ground including more men and food and water supplies. However, the trucks featured in the recently emerged pictures seem to be carrying PMP pontoon bridge elements.

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These elements are some of the Ukrainian forces’ favorite targets as they are key to disrupting Russian operations in their country.

One thing is for sure: the further into Ukrainian territory that Russian forces venture into, the more complex and dangerous their supply lines become. Ukrainian forces have even begun changing road signs in order to disorient invading forces sending them on wild good chases and straight into strategically orchestrated ambushes.