Russians Test Explosion Proof Suit in Minefield

Trevor English

Russian military officials released a video of a female soldier walking through a minefield wearing what appears to be a 'Terminator Suit' just last week, and it has many wondering just what it can do. The video was posted and it leaves the audience mostly stunned, but with a lot of questions. First off, the question becomes is the suit actually protecting the female soldier from the blasts, or are the blasts simply glorified pyrotechnics put on for a good show. Many websites are reporting that the suit is bulletproof and explosive-proof, but there seems to be a general sense of "we have no idea what is going on" surrounding the video. Watch the test footage below and see what you think.

The first blast obviously startles the hopefully willing test subject, but she continues walking and pushes through the walls of fire. Following the test, she is greeted with red roses, and the previously white suit is left quite charred. If you examine the video closely, you will see that no shrapnel appears to hit the subject, and the explosions appear to be mostly fire and smoke.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin gave high acclaim to the female soldier in the following tweet. Roughly translated, it states that the suit gave pitiful semblance to the extraordinary woman underneath, and that  Russian women aren't scared to walk through minefields.

According to Yahoo News, the suit was developed by the Central Research Institute of Precision Machine Building for Russian Armed Forces, but there isn't much else known about the possibly new technology. So what do you think, was this video all smoke and mirrors, or has the Russian military stumbled upon what could be the next generation of armor for modern soldiers?

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