Russia’s Massive Internet Company to Launch Smartphone

Yandex announced today it would release the Yandex.Phone, the company’s first smartphone.
Shelby Rogers

Yandex, the Russian search engine and technology giant, announced it’s launching a smartphone. It will be a straightforward Android 8.1 phone, and will be sold in Russia. No announcements have been made about possibly selling internationally.

Apps include Yandex-exclusive maps, weather, and GPS. The smartphone is also debuting a Siri-like assistant called Alice.

“Yandex.Phone is built to offer Russian users a smartphone equipped with all the localized tools needed for users to navigate their daily routines. Users can interact with Alice and the most widely used Yandex applications in a new way on this phone,” said Fedor Yezhov, Corporate Vice President of Ecosystem Products at Yandex, in a company statement. “Fully integrated into the phone, Alice provides users with comprehensive access to Yandex apps. It’s not necessary to open individual apps to solve a task - just ask Alice.”

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The prices for the Yandex smartphone are currently listed at 17,990 rubles or $270 USD. Sales start Thursday at the company’s Moscow location. The phone is expected to become more available in the next few days, expanding into Yandex’s e-commerce site.

Customers of the Yandex Phone also get a six-month subscription to Yandex Plus and Yandex's music streaming service. 

Via: Yandex

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