Safari resort will produce water from air using transparent solar devices

The project is designed to be affordable, scalable, and adaptable.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The BAOBAB Safari Lodges.jpg
The BAOBAB Safari Lodges.

MASK Architects 

MASK architects designed the world’s first luxury safari resort in Africa that produces its own water autonomously by using air-to-water technology. The novel tech is powered by a transparent solar device covered in curtain glass, according to a statement released by the firm.

Innovative, sustainable, and environmental solutions

“The aim of the project is not only to create a unique luxury residence but also to seek innovative, sustainable, and environmental solutions to the problems plaguing the region. These are based on constructive and restorative project generation processes arising from the geological, climatic, and environmental factors in which the project is located,” stated the firm.

Safari resort will produce water from air using transparent solar devices
The pool in the huts.

“With this project, our goal is to make the most basic need of water accessible rather than a luxury experience, and to prevent hunger, thirst, and the diseases and deaths its absence causes.” 

Called the BAOBAB Safari Lodges, the new safari huts are located in a self-sufficient community where there is land to grow fruits and vegetables, a space to source water for farming and animals, and facilities to make and sell food such as cheese, bread, meat, and milk. 

“We want to be able to build a community which can provide for and feed the surrounding communities which are starving and in poverty. We are able to give work to the local people,” said the architects.

Safari resort will produce water from air using transparent solar devices
An illustration of the huts.

The project will be affordable, scalable and adaptable and will use sustainable resources. It will consist of lodges raised 11 feet (3.5 meters) off the ground to create a secure living zone. 

“We aim to replicate the experience of feeling high up and above nature,” explained the architects.

Instead of having the pool on the ground floor, the resort features a pool on the top floor at a  high level to provide a panoramic view of the safari zone. Meanwhile, a lower balcony allows visitors to interact with the wildlife that surrounds the settlements.

Expertly designed

Each house has a pump for the water to be collected and drained down from the pool. The exterior structure is created with local wooden materials and the architects have incorporated internal foldable blinds to create privacy when needed and to also allow cooling from the shade. 

Safari resort will produce water from air using transparent solar devices
A hut up close.

The lodges are ideally suited for couples, small families, or large groups. The resort also features areas that house storage for luggage and clothing, a small bespoke bar for keeping snacks and drinks, and an internal bathroom with an enclosed toilet, sink and shower. 

Meanwhile, each hut contains a multi-useable living room, a working area and bedroom, a 98 square foot (30 square meters) pool, and a plunge deck area with an outdoor shower. 

“The idea of creating these luxury eco safari lodges is to be able to inspire more people to have an interest in wildlife and to experience living in secluded areas. It is seen as a luxury to experience but it can also educate and elevate people’s understanding of nature and wildlife,” concluded the architects.

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