Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 Unveils Essential Mobile Tech for the Coming Decade

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 unveiled a major lineup of new digital tech, to shape the coming decade.
Brad Bergan

Social media feeds are abuzz with love for the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, which happened today.


New Samsung Galaxy lineup debuts in full glamour

Today in San Francisco, Samsung debuted its latest and greatest innovative devices, and so far the company looks primed to set a new standard for mobile experiences in the coming decade.

Those who couldn't make the trip to Silicon Valley likely witnessed the unprecedented Galaxy lineup broadcast live in the Samsung Newsroom (here for mobile), on Facebook, or on Twitter.

In a surprising show of musical insight, Taehyung and Black Swan showed up in presentation slides, with an eyebrow-raising mix of minimalist synergy that feels more like a humblebrag than explicit endorsement.

The full suite of sweet Samsung devices ranged from $599 for the S10e to $1,399 for the S20 Ultra 5G.

To boot, each design has a signature color design on its reverse side. The S10e, S10, and S10+ seem to go with a beach color-scheme of sandy cream on tropical cyan, while the S20 5G, S20+ 5G, and S20 Ultra 5G feature turqoise and pink, nebulous blue-green, and white-on-black, respectively, beckoning would-be buyers to reserve their digital futures, and join the new decade.

iPhone SE 2 might follow Samsung's event

This comes on the heels of growing rumors that the iPhone SE 2 could be releasing this March, according to a Gizmodo report. Rumored to be part of Apple's new lineup of smartphones, recent tech gossip suggests that production is gearing up for a March launch date, at an estimated price of $399, according to a Fast Company report.

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However, others still believe that the iPhone SE 2 won't debut until 2021, in tandem with the iPhone 9.

Of course, the choice between Samsung's Galaxy and Apple's iPhone isn't necessarily an either-or; after all, the 2020s could see the mix-and-match style of previous decades return to the tech world. Imagine Google wearables, a Samsung Galaxy for work, and, of course, an Apple iPhone SE 2, to channel a modest, essentially-retro appeal.

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