Samsung Introduces new AI-Powered Vehicle Cockpit

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is coming to a car near you and it could monitor a plethora of automotive systems.
Trevor English

Say hello to Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant, because he might be coming to your next car.

Like most technology companies this time of year, Samsung has made some big announcements at CES 2019.

They announced a renewed focus on AI technology with one use-case being their new 2019 Digital Cockpit.

Through a collaboration with Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung, the company has integrated their voice assistant Bixby into the grand connected automotive infrastructure. Cars are getting smarter, and Samsung wants Bixby along for the ride.

Bixby won’t just be able to give you directions – thanks to a plethora of new integrations, the voice assistant may be useful.

The voice assistant will be able to check things like fuel level, set temperature, customize the display, and even control external things like your home appliances.

Along with the Bixby integration, Samsungs new Digital Cockpit includes new OLED and QLED screen technology. Bringing the automobile into the 21st century means screens, screens, and more screens.

Samsungs IoT and Bixby integration utilize the HARMAN Scalable Compute platform to integrate every display with the smart services they’re connected to.

The partnership of these two companies gives automotive manufacturers a fully integrated chip-to-cloud design space taking a lot of the integration woes off of the OEM.

Some key highlights on Samsungs new connected cockpit are artificial intelligence to enhance the driving experience through onboard cameras and automatic automotive adjustments.

They’ve also followed Lexus’ lead in automotive trend by replacing side view mirrors with cameras and screens as a better safety solution for drivers. This functionality also allows better AI safety integration.

As mentioned above, all of this innovation is tied together on Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant.


For any tech company, getting users to feel comfortable with their native infrastructure is a key influencer to adoption and retention. For Samsung, increasing Bixby use in and out of the automobile seems to be their current play for tech sector dominance.

Check out the video from Samsung below as they demonstrate how their new smart cockpit works as well as a little bit of functionality with their Bixby integration. You be the judge, is this the way of the automotive future?


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