Samsung Isn't a Fan of GTA mod that Uses Note 7 Phones as Bombs

Shelby Rogers

gta[Image Courtesy of Olli43/YouTube]

The new Grand Theft Auto mod lets users turn recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones into powerful weapons.

Samsung isn't too thrilled with joke. But isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

The company, already struggling with the PR nightmare of its exploding phones, clearly doesn't think so. Samsung dropped the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on GTA. The act criminalizes reproduction of copyrighted technology in other works to profit. And Samsung isn't just going after GTA. The company is using DMCA to remove all games and videos parodying the devices as explosive from the Internet.

While it's evident that GTA uses the Note 7 as a joke and not for profit, the mod has been pulled from YouTube.

No word yet from GTA creators as to any sort of response appeal.

Via The Next Web, Olli43

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