Samsung Unveils Personal Health Robot of the Future

Your health could soon be monitored by one of Samsung's adorable little “Bot Care” robots.
Trevor English

CES 2019 is in full swing out in Las Vegas and the announcements from technology companies aren’t just boring TVs or new smartphones. Samsung unveiled a new line of artificially intelligent smart robots that can do a plethora of useful things.

From retail to health monitoring, Samsung thinks that they probably have a robot for your needs. In total, they unveiled 4 new robots that will aid in various. One called Bot Care demonstrated it’s health-tracking capabilities on stage at their CES Keynote.

It could talk, monitor blood pressure, monitor other key health indicators, and let family members or medical professionals have insight into the patient.

Other robots will include the Bot Air for air purity detection, the Bot Retail for retail personalization, and the Bot GEMS, a mobility trainer for athletes.

Back to the Bot Care, this cute little robot is designed for customizable at-home medical support. But just what can it do for you?

While its breadth of functionalities isn’t quite public yet, it was demoed onstage at CES and we got to see a lot of cool features. First off, the robot has a face that can display Samsung’s version of robot emotions.

When other visual features are needed, the face disappears and can present vital statistics and other data.

One of the most useful things that the adorable little Bot Care can do is take live readings of vitals.

There’s a cluster of sensors embedded under the display, so when a user places a finger on it, it can offer blood pressure and heart rate reading. It’s said to collect other useful vital data as well but the specifics are still a little unclear from Samsung.

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In addition to vital readings, the Bot Care can advise its user on stretching and breathing, remind them to take medications, and even monitor their sleep.

Samsung made clear that the Bot Care isn’t for emergencies, rather it can be a useful technological stand-in for functions that a live-in caregiver might do.

All of the data that the Bot Care collects can be sent back to family members or caregivers off-site so that their health can be monitored by responsible parties.

While all of this is exciting for the field of robotics and home health monitoring, there’s still no word on when the bots will be ready for commercial use. Be prepared though, the era of personal assistant robots in our house may soon be upon us…

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