Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 Will Be Controlled by Your Hand Gestures

Simply clench and unclench your fist to answer a call.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Technology is constantly evolving to make life easier and more practical. Nowhere is this more evident than in gadgets. 

In smartwatches especially, we are seeing an impressive evolution to the point that the devices even save lives. Now, Samsung has developed a new watch that can be controlled with hand gestures.


The new device is the Galaxy Watch 3 and it is nothing short of phenomenal. As XDA Developers report you will be able to answer calls with the new watch simply by clenching and unclenching your fists. Since the watch has a speaker, you are free to speak out loud with your caller.

But what if you are getting a call you do not want to answer? No need to worry: simply shake your hand and the call will be ignored. 

Is that all that can be controlled via hand gestures? Nope. You can also take pictures and videos by making a fist and opening it again.

The watch also has fall detection. If the watch senses a tumble it will ring for 60 seconds. If you don't turn in it off it will then alert emergency responders giving them both your locations and a recording. You also have the option of telling the phone to call an emergency number after the 60 seconds are up.

Samsung is also offering some options for the visually impaired. You can control the text and icons on your watch to be bigger if needed and you can also use a color lens to provide more contrast to reduce eye strain. The watch will of course continue to have all the features of its previous version such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

When might this watch be unveiled? Samsung is planning on announcing it on its Unpacked event that takes place online on August 5. We can venture a guess that it might, however, take some days or weeks before it is ready for sale and shipping.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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