Samsung's Newly Patented Galaxy S30 Design Will Have 6 Moving Cameras

A new recently revealed patent by Samsung has uncovered the company's upcoming mobile camera plans.
Fabienne Lang
The photo credit line may appear like thisLetsGoDigital

A newly discovered plan for Samsung's future camera array shows what the company may be unveiling as part of its upcoming Galaxy S30 phone. 

The smartphone may sport an impressive six camera array, all able to tilt and move individually to capture the best shot. 

The exciting information was found in Samsung's patent named "Apparatus and method for operating multiple cameras for digital photography," uncovered by LetsGoDigital. The online digital news site has taken these arrays and turned them into illustrations of what the six-camera Galaxy S30 could look like. 



While there are some impressive cameras on smartphones out there, taking it up to six cameras that move and tilt individually is racking it up a notch, or two!

Samsung's Newly Patented Galaxy S30 Design Will Have 6 Moving Cameras
Illustration of the Galaxy S30 by LetsGoDigital, Source: LetsGoDigital

As per the patent, in order to be able to fit these six cameras on the back of the upcoming Galaxy S30 phone, Samsung would have to go horizontal. Placed in two rows of three, one camera above the other, they would all fit at the top of the phone's casing. 

It's a bit of an eery six-googly-eyed look, but, if it takes incredible photos, then why not?

Five out of the six cameras are wide-angled ones, either all the same or with one higher resolution "master" sensor. The sixth camera is a single telephoto camera. What's unique about them is that all of the cameras can tilt within their housing to offer exceptional angles. 

Samsung's Newly Patented Galaxy S30 Design Will Have 6 Moving Cameras
Patent image of what the 6 camera setup would look like, Source: LetsGoDigital

This would allow the user to create what the patent called a "pano-bokeh," meaning a panoramic shot with a blurred background. Other photo effects would easily be managed with this amount of moveable cameras, something that's still impossible to do with any other smartphone on the market. 

Then again, the cameras can all work as one entity to provide extremely well-focused, high-resolution, and high framerate images. Talk about catching any fast movement impeccably. 

Samsung's Newly Patented Galaxy S30 Design Will Have 6 Moving Cameras
How the cameras would tilt, Source: LetsGoDigital

We'll have to wait at least until 2021 for the Galaxy S30 to come out, though. With all that said and done, we can expect a number of exciting prospects from Galaxy in the upcoming decade


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