Say Goodbye to Boring 2D Pictures with the SnapCam

Trevor English
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In the age of smartphone cameras and selfies, a one directional image frame only goes so far. Often, people are left wanting more out of their pictures, but unfortunately you can't go back and relive the moment, until now. The SnapCam 360 allows users to capture videos and pictures in a wide range of formats using various techniques. You can now relive the moment by using this camera to capture everything going on, at any angle with a 360 degree range of image capture. From the interactive 360 mode to the unique fisheye circle and dome capture more, you can experience photography in a whole new way with this product from Indiegogo.

SnapCam 360 camera image pictures[Image Source: Snapcam]

Not only does the camera fit in your pocket, the images produced are super high quality, something that is often lacking in modern smartphones. What sets this camera apart from the rest is its ability to capture unique videos and images. Whether you produce videos for a living or just want to show off some of those neat tricks, your viewers can be transported to the moment if you capture it with SnapCam. In the video below you can check out all of the different ways that video and images can be captured.

Not to worry, you can still take normal photos as well, but why capture a little when you can capture everything! The 360 lens also gives you more room in selfies or "usies" so you can fit all of your friends into the picture.

To help you store and manage all of the media, there's an intuitive smartphone app available that can even remotely control the camera. For just US$100 you can pick up the incredibly versatile SnapCam on Indiegogo for a limited time with a custom leather case. This may seem like a lot for just another camera, but the 360 doesn't lock you down in what you can do like many other cameras on the market. In fact, many similar cameras often run 2 to 5 times the price of this camera, without the ability to shoot in 360 degrees.

snapcam 360 camera pictures[Image Source: Snapcam]

 Believe it or not, there are many more modes and abilities with the SnapCam 360 that we couldn't even cover here. You can check out all of the functions of the camera and maybe even support the product on Indiegogo here.

Check out the Snap Cam 360 on Indiegogo!


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