Say Goodbye to the Steering Wheel as GM Unveils Their Driverless Vehicle

The push for fully autonomous vehicles has caused rapid innovation in the automotive industry. GM wants to redefine the way we drive.
Donovan Alexander

No pedals? No steering wheel? No problem. Today automotive superpower, General Motors showcased what their version of the autonomous vehicle may look like in the future. Part of the "Cruise Division," the GM vehicle offers some impressive autonomous features as well as a few twists that have caught the attention of tech enthusiasts across the world.

Just in time for CES, the vehicle demonstrates a major trend that will take place throughout the world across technology over the next years. Autonomous vehicles have shifted (pardon the pun) and have pushed themselves into the forefront of our culture. 

Automotive companies and start-ups are eager to bring the automotive future to the mainstream as quickly as possible. The "Cruise" vehicle will be another big step towards the driverless future. 

Cruise Without a Steering Wheel

The flagship vehicle takes out two automotive staples, the steering wheel as well as the pedals.  GM throws out these staples because in the future there will be no need for these in the fully autonomous vehicle. 

General Motor's, lead by their autonomous division, vehicle embodies the company's dedication to new technology. As stated by the team, "We are building the world's best autonomous vehicles to safely connect people to the places, things, and experiences they care about.

The team believes that the world of autonomous could have a positive impact on the world. "Self-driving electric cars can save millions of lives and significantly accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy," says the team. "General Motors and Cruise Automation are focused on bringing that future to life. State-of-the-art software and hardware paired with over 100 years of automotive engineering make us uniquely positioned to create the world’s first scalable AV fleet."

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GM announced their dedicated plan for self-driving car plans. They have big plans to have fully-autonomous vehicles by early in 2019 that could be applied to both consumer vehicles as well as logistical vehicles. 


The vehicle is centered around creating a more comfortable experience as well safety. The concept for the interior specs of the vehicle is luxuriously decked-out, including massive amounts of legroom as well as tons of space for devices for in-car entertainment.    

More details about the vehicle are sure to come out soon. This again proves that GM intends to be a powerful force in the autonomous automotive industry.

What do you think of GM's concepts? Do you have a favorite autonomous vehicle?

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