Say hello to the Cybercat, a modded amphibious Cybertruck with 335 hp

Elon Musk's amphibious Tesla dreams may soon come true.
Chris Young
An artist's impression of the Cyberfoil.Cybercat

We promise, this isn't a joke.

A Seattle-based startup called Cybercat developed an aftermarket kit that will convert your shiny new Tesla Cybertruck into a catamaran, and there's even an option for a hydrofoil extension, a report from InsideEVs reveals.

The hype around Tesla's Cybertruck keeps growing in spite of a long stream of production delays. Several companies have aimed to cash in on that hype in recent months and years by announcing aftermarket additions to the EV pickup, including an RV attachment that has garnered its creators $100 million worth of preorders.

Now, Cybercat has joined the party with one of the wildest concepts we've seen to date — and we've seen quite a few wild ones. The company says its patented aftermarket kit comes in two versions: the Cybercat and the Cyberfoil. The Cybercat locks a few pieces onto the Cybertruck to turn it into an amphibious machine. The Cyberfoil does the same while adding hydrofoils to the mix.

It's a sailor's life for the Cybertruck

On its website, Cybercat says the price range for its different aftermarket kits will be between $22,900 and $32,900. The kits feature 50 kW motors to power the Cybertruck over the water and buyers can choose to add up to five motors for a total output of 335 horsepower. According to Cybercat, the kit will allow for a top speed of 22+ knots (25+mph, 40+ km/h) and it has an estimated range of 44+ nautical miles (115+ mi, 185+ km).

Say hello to the Cybercat, a modded amphibious Cybertruck with 335 hp
The Cybercat has the option for up to five 50 kW motors. Source: Cybercat

Elon Musk has spoken of the Cybertruck's amphibious potential before, but it's doubtful that even he imagined it turning into a hydrofoil catamaran. Still, we imagine he'd approve, especially as he's previously referred to his desire to make a design inspired by James Bond's Lotus Esprit submarine car featured in 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. We're honestly not too sure whether the Cybercat and Cyberfoil will ever really hit the market — though Cybercat is taking reservations on its website — but at the very least we would love to see a prototype make it into a 007 boat chase scene.

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