Searching for the most accurate laser power measurement kit? The Oregon State University is already using it.

Laser power measured accurately like never before!
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Created: 8/15/2022
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All-in-one, portable laser power meters

Accuracy holds paramount importance in laser power measurement simply for the fact that it can make or break research or experiments involving the use of laser beams. That’s precisely where a highly accurate laser power meter comes in; it measures the efficiency and effectiveness of a laser across various parameters.

Since a laser beam has multiple parameters that can affect the power output, accurate measurement of the laser is key to ensuring high-quality processes and research. The chemistry department at the Oregon State University is already using one such measurement kit within two research groups to obtain accurate output power measurements.

The masterminds of laser measurements

Searching for the most accurate laser power measurement kit? The Oregon State University is already using it.
Laser Power Detector

Apparently, the chemistry department managed to win the UP19K-15S-H5 laser power detector at the Laser Lab Awards contest held by Gentec-EO - A world leader in the field of laser beams and terahertz source measurement and analysis. The company has an impressive 50-year track record of developing innovative state-of-the-art technologies in the laser measurement market.

Gentec-EO offers a wide range of laser applications that can be put to use at hospitals, laboratories, or research centers. From its Canadian headquarters, the company boasts an impressive clientele across 40 different countries.

The experience

When asked about their experience with the Gentec-EO laser power detector, here’s what the chemistry department had to say:

"The power meter and display have been working wonderfully throughout the time we have received them. We have used this device to characterize our beam from our nanosecond laser and even our femtosecond laser.”

“It was also a wonderful tool that has allowed us to monitor our lasers over the course of the year so we know when tuning of the lasers were needed. The compatibility with LABVIEW is amazing; as it allows us to monitor the laser power over the course of our experiment."

Most Popular

Adding a cherry on the pie, Professor George Brown from the physics department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, also used the same model and was kind enough to provide a glowing review.

"At the University of California, Santa Cruz, we have established an advanced optics teaching laboratory, consisting of a suite of ten experiments demonstrating important optical techniques. Many of these experiments utilize relatively high-powered lasers, which we ask the students to characterize with the power meter.”

“Examples of such experiments include Fourier Optics, Dynamic Light Scattering, Adaptive Optics, Surface Plasmon Resonance, and Quantum Entanglement."

Be it beam diagnostics, terahertz measurement, power measurement, or accuracy measurement, Gentec-EO detectors and laser power meters always provide reliable performance, thanks to their inch-perfect detector calibration technique.

The product range

As previously mentioned, Gentec-EO has a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions for laser measurements. Consumers can either opt to buy a power detector with a separate acquisition (readout) device or go for an all-in-one, portable laser power meter.

In terms of buying a separate power detector, you can choose any one of the photodetectors, thermal power detectors, pyroelectric detectors, integrating sphere detectors, and water calorimeters. Combined, these detectors can measure power between 0.3 nW to 100,000 W.

Searching for the most accurate laser power measurement kit? The Oregon State University is already using it.
Gentec EO Product Finder

The selection of power detectors is subject to your requirements. You can use the Gentec-EO Product Finder to go through the options and zero down on the one that suits your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking for all-in-one devices, we recommend checking out the compact PRONTO series of detectors for better portability. If you’d love to have the output readings on your mobile phone, the BLU version of laser power meters would best suit your needs. It’s both a practical and economical solution for laser power measurement.

The INTEGRA version allows you to connect the laser power meter to a PC via USB and obtain the results using Gentec-EO’s free proprietary software.


Gentec-EO’s laser beam measurement solutions can be used for research, medical, and industrial purposes. Additionally, the company has also been endorsed by its customers for creating influential and helpful products that serve a great purpose. Thanks to that, it has already become one of the world leaders in the laser beam measurement market.

Gentec-EO also provides a Product Finder to help find the best product to match your requirements amongst the variety of laser measurement solutions it offers. If you’re looking for a quality laser power meter that provides high-accuracy measurements, don’t hesitate to contact their sales team regarding your requirements.