CATL's EV battery Shenxing offers 250 miles in 10 minutes

The Chinese manufacturer will put it into production immediately and make it available for users early next year to increase EV adoption.
Ameya Paleja
CATL's Shenxing battery that can charge rapidly
CATL's Shenxing battery that can charge rapidly


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co (CATL), the world's largest battery manufacturer, has unveiled its latest battery design dubbed Shenxing which can reach an 80 percent charge in as little as 10 minutes, a press release announced. With this fast charging capacity, an electric vehicle (EV) can travel about 250 miles (400 km).

As EV makers work to make their greener vehicles more mainstream, they need to address the concerns of everyday users. While range anxiety - the distance the car can travel on a single charge- has been duly addressed, long charging times of batteries have remained a concern.

Fast-charging options have been developed in the recent past. However, the recharge times have remained much higher than it takes a refuel a gasoline-powered vehicle. That could change as early as next year, thanks to CATL's Shenxing battery.

Rapid charging of the battery

CATL claims that with Shenxing, it has managed 4C superfast charging capabilities, which means the battery can be fully charged in as little as 15 minutes. The company has made multiple changes to the battery's chemistry to achieve this.

In the press release, the company said it uses a fully nano-crystallized cathode that allows rapid extraction of lithium ions, creating what the company calls a "super electronic network" for faster charging.

Additionally, the graphite in the battery has also been modified to allow faster intercalation of lithium ions, thereby increasing conduction speeds. The electrode design has been given a multi-layered design to balance faster charging and long range.

The electrolyte in the battery is also new and less dense, leading to lesser resistance to lithium-ion movement. Even the battery's separator offers lower transmission resistance and distance, improving charging speeds.

CATL's EV battery Shenxing offers 250 miles in 10 minutes
CATL's new Shenxing battery

Taking EVs mainstream

With its 4C charging, Shenxing batteries are expected to deliver a range of 250 miles (400 km) after a 10-minute charge cycle. On a full charge, the battery is designed for a range of 435 miles (700 km).

Additionally, the company has also improved the battery to ensure that it performs better even in challenging environments, such as temperatures as low as 14 Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius). Here, charging up to 80 percent can be achieved in about 30 minutes, and even acceleration 0-62 miles (0-100 km) is not affected at lower temperatures.

CATL recognizes that the EV industry has moved from its early adopter phase to the ordinary user phase, where many users want to switch to these vehicles. However, these users are unlikely to overlook the vehicle's limitations and will delay their purchase decision if a suitable solution is unavailable.

CATL, therefore, plans to put the Shenxing into production this year to ensure that EVs equipped with this technology will be ready as early as next year. "As EV consumers shift from pioneering users to ordinary users, we should make advanced technology accessible for all and enable everyone to savor the fruits of innovation," said Wu Kai, Chief Scientist of CATL, in the press release.

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