ShotTracker wearable tech helps you improve your basketball game

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If you are looking to improve your basketball game then the ShotTracker is a great piece of technology for you. The tech is able to keep shot statistics and analyse them to provide you with information about your game. The ShotTracker comes in the form of a wearable device that will give you valuable insight into your strengths on the court and those areas that could do with improving.

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The ShotTracker system is composed of three separate parts. You need to attach a sensor to the basketball net and this has a rechargeable battery that is able to sleep when you are not using it and then wake up as soon as you start shooting hoops.

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Another sensor is worn by the person taking shots and this sends a signal to the net. It has been designed to be worn under a sleeve or a wrist band. When the wearer shoots at the net it sends an alert to the net sensor that a ball is coming and this is able to record shots that are made and those that are not.

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It collects data which can then be analysed using a smartphone app. It does much more than collect the amount of shots on target and those missed. It can also calculate percentages and a map of the shots made. To help improve on weaknesses it offers training so that the wearer can work on making improvements. Coaches of basketball can also use it to assign a workout to the player and then keep an eye on the progress being made.

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The ShotTracker system can be purchased through the company’s website and it comes with the wrist sensor, the wrist band, a net sensor, sleeve, and the charging unit at a total cost of US$150.

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[Image Source: Shot Tracker]

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