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SHYSPY is a GPS Tracking device which is designed to be integrated into the bike frame and enables cycliststo keep track of their cycling activity and locate the position of their bikes in case of theft..

Bike theft is a big problem... It's everywhere

We don’t know the exact number of bicycle thefts, yet unofficial statistics are showing tens of millions of bike crimes happening all over the world. Engineers at Cyclingboom and WRD Systems have come together to tackle this problem with an interesting engineering solution:

SHYSPY Bicycle GPS Tracker

SHYSPY GPS works in much the same way as other GPS tracking devices, the unit uses a combination of a mobile SIM card along with a GPS module to accurately track the location of your bike to within three meters and deliver this data to your desktop or mobile device via a data connection.
The device is essentially designed for security application but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for keeping track of your cycling activity. A long life battery with 2500mAh capacity allows you to track your workout for up to 30 hours. The tracking data could be visualized on mobile or desktop app and also be saved in standard .gpx format to be later used in social sport tracking platforms such as Endomondo and Strava

GSM Tracker

SHY-SPY GSM tracker is the low cost alternative to GPS tracking.

The device uses cell tower triangulation to calculate the location of your device based on signal strength. While this method is significantly less accurate than GPS tracking it does have the added benefit of being more affordable and completely free of any ongoing data costs since it relies on a GSM signal rather than transmitting any data.

In cities with larger number of cell towers GSM tracking should be accurate to within 100 meters while in rural and remote locations this may rise to up to 10 km( It absolutely depends on the density and distance of cell towers)

GSM tracker in practice:
The bigger is a city, the more serious becomes the problem of bike theft.
In a small village one can not ride stolen properties without being noticed, in a metropolitan however with hundreds of thousands of cyclists and bikes, you would have the minimum chance to see your stolen bicycle once again.
What if you knew whereabout of our stolen bike? What if you knew in which neighborhood it is being ridden?
SHY-SPY GSM-tracking just do that for you.

Read more about their Project in their Kickstarter campaign here.


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