Siconi silicone sticky tablet mats stick everything to your fridge

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There are silicone pads on the market that you can put on your desk, counter top or even on the dashboard when you are driving. These are meant to stop such items as your phone from sliding from the dashboard or off the counter top. Now there is a more updated version of the silicone pads as a company by the name of Siconi has come up with a design of silicone sticky tablet mats that you can stick to your fridge, or indeed any other flat surface. The pad will hold many different types of small items securely.


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Siconi claim that that the silicone sticky tablet mats can be used anywhere in the home or the office and they have numerous uses. The pads don’t slide so they make excellent mats on desks or countertops for phones, or even small tablets. When the phone is placed on the silicone mat there is less chance of it sliding and falling to the floor when it vibrates for example. You can stick your car keys to the mat and they will remain in place until the next time you need them.


[Image Source: Siconi]

The silicone tablet  mats come into their own when placed on vertical surfaces. If you like to leave notes pinned to the fridge you can simply stick the note on the mat, there is no need to use a fridge magnet. Pens, MP3 players, eyeglasses, your TV remote control and more can be stuck safely and securely.


[Image Source: Siconi]

They are very eco-friendly as they are made of silicone and they are non-toxic. They don’t have any smell and are able to withstand temperatures from – 20 degrees centigrade to more than 60 degrees centigrade. The silicone mats are sticky on both sides and they don’t leave any residue behind if you should decide to move the mat. The mats can be wiped or washed clean using a mild soap and water.

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[Image Source: Siconi]

Siconi sell the silicone sticky tablet mat in a range of three sizes and four bright colourful colours. The smallest of the silicone mats is 14.5 x 5 x 0.2 cm and the largest comes in at 19 x 13 x 0.2 cm.


[Image Source: Siconi]

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