This Silver Pen Lets You Draw Electrical Circuits

Trevor English

A new pen is about to revolutionize how we create electronic devices. There have been conductive gel circuitry projects on the market for a little while now, but a new pen is about to change the process of building circuits. Tokyo-based AGIC is the creator of this unique pen with conductive ink, which uses silver as the main element to create the ink wires. According to IFL Science, the project was first funded on Kickstarter last year, and now it has become commercially available. You can check out how it works in the video from Vocativ below.

The pen is available for US$14.99 here, which also requires some cheap circuit paper to make everything happen. Each circuit paper sheet essentially allows the ink to stay on the surface and conduct electricity, rather than be absorbed by the paper. This is perfect for anyone that loves rapid prototyping electronics but hates dealing with those pesky bread boards. Getting kids interested in electronics is another great use for this small pen. Imagine being able to help your child draw a circuit and their amazement when the light actually lights up!

electrical pen[Image Source: Vocativ]

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