Simulated Video Reveals Lockheed Martin's Impressive Missile System

The video shows the long-range precision strike missile system attack on Russian S-400 system.
Fabienne Lang
Lockheed Martin missileLockheed Martin/YouTube

The U.S.'s top weapons supplier, Lockheed Martin, shared an impressive three-minute video on YouTube on Friday. What was it about? The video showcased the company's latest PrSM long-distance precision-strike missile system in a simulated attack.

The "attack" went flawlessly, and showcases Lockheed Martin's surface-to-surface weapon system and its range of capabilities. These include attacking, neutralizing, suppressing, and destroying targets from up to 310 miles (499 km) away.


The company's PrSM missile is kitted out with an intensive munition (IM) propulsion system, and IM energetic payload that can defeat the PrSM target set. It sports an open system style for affordability and flexibility, is HIMARS and M270 compatible, and is modular for future growth.

Lockheed Martin's PrSM missile went through a number of tests over the summer, when it was unveiled. As was explained at the time, "Operating with the PrSM missile should be a smooth transition for soldiers already used to working on the ATACMS system", said Brig. Gen. John Rafferty, the Army’s Long Range Precision Fires cross-functional team director, and Gen. John Murray, who is in charge of the Army Futures Command.

Some techniques, tactics, and procedures will change, however, Army rocket crews will use a lot of the same software, computers, and platforms.

"Outside looking in, it looks exactly the same for our soldiers," said Murray to Defense News.

In the recently-released video, PrSM's capabilities are put on display in what looks like a war game in a computer game. However, this missile system will be used in much more "real" situations, and its recent simulation is just the starting point of what may prove to be an invaluable asset to the U.S. defense and military force.

Check out the video below, it'll impress you, no doubt:

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