'Sin City' Powers Streetlights With Visitors' Footsteps

Shelby Rogers

A new system in Las Vegas harnesses the power of visitors' steps to create electricity.

streetlamp2[Image Courtesy of EnGoPlanet]

A New York-based startup designed the system. It uses pads along the sidewalk to absorb kinetic energy and store it until nightfall.

EnGoPlanet's lamps harness that energy, coupled with solar panels, to light the streetlamps.

The lamps also include WiFi hotspots and charging stations for pedestrians to use.

"If you look at traditional street light poles, you will see that they are useless. They simply hold the lighting," said EnGoPlanet's CEO Petar Mirovic.

streetlamp3[Image Courtesy of EnGoPlanet]

The LED bulbs used offer bright lighting while using the least amount of energy possible. Underneath the kinetic pads, three microgenerators create energy whenever someone steps on them. The pads produce anywhere from four to eight watts of energy per step depending on the pressure of someone's footstep.

The EnGoPlanet system even comes with an online assistant to track battery status, dim lights, get energy reports and more. This allows city officials or owners to optimize its energy capabilities.

The company said its inspiration came from post-Hurricane Sandy. Manhattan had no power for nearly seven days, and EnGoPlanet said that was enough for them to brainstorm alternative ways to provide power in the event of an emergency.

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"Renewable Energy is all around us but we do not have the right infrastructure in place to harvest that energy," its website says. "Our research and development strategy focuses on the Smart Off-the-grid solutions and portable solar devices."

streetlamp1[Image Courtesy of EnGoPlanet]

The company also boasts solar benches, portable stations and city stations that all look to create sustainable alternative energy.

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In addition to the City of Las Vegas, EnGoPlanet's clients include AT&T, Webster University, and the City of Santa Monica.

Via EnGoPlanet

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