Smart Auto-Cancelling Turn Signal Could Save Motorcyclists' Lives

Trevor English
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turn signal motorcycle[Image Source: Smart Turn System]

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and affordable way to get around, but it is also quite dangerous. No matter how much protective gear you wear, there is always a risk that a high-speed accident could end your life. A lot of time and energy has been focused on refining motorcycle helmets and protective bodywear, but one company is hoping to help protect motorcyclers from a fatal error. Leaving a turn signal on when riding down the road could indicate to other drivers that they can pull out ahead of you, causing a fatal crash. The Smart Turn System automatically detects turns on motorcycles and turns the signal off, possibly saving lives.

auto motorcycle signal[Image Source: Smart Turn System]

While cars have had this technology for some time, motorcycles have largely been left to primitive signaling methods. This tiny little device can detect virtually every kind of maneuver to process when you are turning and when you aren't. 300 different data elements are monitored in real time to make sure that your motorcycle's signals represent what you actually intend to do.

The hardware is rather simple, but robust. It utilizes position and motion sensors fed into a microprocessor which outputs commands to the cycle's turn signals. Studies have shown that faulty use of turn signals in motorcycles is one of the main reasons for motorcycle accidents, which is why this device could be so life-saving.

turn signal[Image Source: Smart Turn System]

The device is currently on sale here, for around US$110. That is a small price to pay for a tool that could potentially save your life on the road.

Learn more about the Smart Turn Signal here!


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