Smart Underwear Could Be the Future of Smart Wearables

These smart pants can even detect if you slip and fall.
Fabienne Lang
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You've heard of smart watches and smart clothing that monitor your heart rate, your sleep patterns, or how many steps you've taken in one day. But have you heard of smart underwear? 

The award-winning smart textile company, Myant, has been working on its Skiin Connected Health & Wellness System that embeds biometric monitors into everyday clothing, with a particular focus on undergarments. The aim of the system is to improve wearers' health and wellness. 

Generally speaking, most sensors for biometrics needs close skin-to-skin contact. This makes textiles a great option, but only if they're closely fitted to the human body — and can you think of a better-fitted garment than tight underwear or a bra?

These clothes are ideal candidates for smart wearables, and it gives the word smarty-pants a whole new meaning. 

What the smart underwear monitors

Currently, Myant underwear measures the regular smart wearable options, like heart rate, stress level, sleep quality, activity, temperature, stationary time, and feeds the information back to the linked Skiin app. 

Even though it's pretty neat being able to state your underwear measures all these biometrics, it's even cooler to say it can also detect if you slip and fall, track ovulation, and monitor driver fatigue (another fun fatigue monitoring system is a highway rest stop toilet in Japan that measures your tiredness through your butt, but that's another story). 

Myant even envisions its e-underwear to be programmed to play soothing music when it picks up your stress levels, to lower the room's temperature if your workout is warming you up, or to start the kettle boiling if it senses you're getting dehydrated. Talk about new levels of intimacy. 

The last points are still being worked on by Myant's team, which hopes to continuously monitor all these metrics in the near future. 

It's easy to see how this type of wearable would be an ideal candidate for such measures, given you don't forget to put your underwear on every day.

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