Snapchat's Latest Augmented Reality Filters Turn the Ground into Molten Hot Lava

Or flooded water, if that's your preference.
Fabienne Lang
Snapchat's augmented realitySnapchat

Snapchat immersive lenses are no longer a real novelty, however, the latest couple of options will keep you entertained for a while longer.

Unveiling its newest "Ground Transformation" filters, the augmented reality images depict the ground around you as red hot lava, or waters flooding around you. 

Your childhood game of "the floor is lava" can become an augmented reality now!


Changing the world at your feet

If you have Snapchat uploaded onto your smartphone, be prepared to receive an onslaught of images of the office flooring, carparks, apartment ground (and more) covered in red and orange lava, or flooded with water. 

The two latest additions to Snapchat's augmented reality lenses will keep you as entertained as your previous eight-year-old self during a game of pretending the ground is lava. Nowadays you don't need to use your imagination, an app will do the work for you! 

Both filters use machine learning to understand the lay of the land surrounding you, and help apply the special effects. Even the buildings around you are reflected in the water. Pretty neat. 

Snap describes the world segmentation as "a natural evolution and next step for us in understanding what the camera can see and helping our community learn more about the world around them." 

To get your world engulfed in hot lava, or flooded by water, all you have to do is get, or update, Snapchat on your phone, and then go over to the camera view with the rear-facing camera. Touch the camera screen to bring up the lens wheel and simply look for the options that say "floor is water", or "floor is lava," and you're good to go.

You might end up seeing a number of people spontaneously acting like the ground is covered in lava, just like these two people: 



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