Someone Hacked a Nintendo Game Boy Color to Control Apple TVs

Who would've thought a gaming device from the '90s would have the hardware to communicate with a smart TV?
Loukia Papadopoulos

What if you cross a Nintendo Game Boy Color and an Apple remote control? What you would get is a pretty nifty device that lets you play all kinds of nostalgic games and stream all sorts of content.

Otto Climan released a video (embedded below) where he illustrated how he took a regular old boring Nintendo Game Boy Color console and upgraded it to work on Apple TVs. This makes sense, after all, considering the Nintendo Game Boy console is the third best-selling console of all time.

The video is worth a watch just to see the sleek new console with its white buttons and the retro Apple logo on its backside. We must admit that just looking at it makes us want to use it. But for what? Playing games or watching Apple TV? A little bit of both perhaps?

Climan got help from Retro Modding to create the console's nifty case. Retro Modding specializes in producing all kinds of innovative products you can use to upgrade your classic consoles including UV printed replacement cases.

But don't let its look fool you. This is still your standard Game Boy Color internally. It's just now equipped with a replacement IPS LCD that offers a clearer picture and a backlight. 

In addition, in order to control his Apple TV, Climan engineered a custom ROM that outputs remote signals through the Game Boy Color’s infrared transmitter. To do this efficiently, Climan had to overlock the GBC’s custom Intel 8080/Zilog Z80 processor.

He then proceeded to assign infrared codes to each button on the console conceiving of an efficient way to control the Apple TV. For aesthetics, he also added an Apple logo that shows up on the screen when the ROM is launched. The only question we have now is where can we get one of these bad boys?

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