SonicPower: 'World's Fastest Wireless Charger' for Your Phone

Shelby Rogers

DESTEK's SonicPower wireless charger claims to be the fastest wireless charger coming to the market.

destek3[Image Courtesy of DESTEK]

There's nothing more frustrating for smartphone users than having a battery die during the middle of an important conversation. The only alternatives are carrying around charging cables with you or small recharge batteries.

destek5[Image Courtesy of DESTEK]

Cables keep you near an outlet and away from the fun. Portable chargers don't seem to last as long as promised and lose charge over time.

The SonicPower charges 50 percent faster than competitors using a "pin contact technique." The smart chip inside reads exactly how much power your smartphone needs. A safety control circuit embedded in the mount prevents short circuiting. "The connection will always be safe," the company said.

DESTEK not only charges your phone faster than traditional chargers, it also gives you hands-free access to your phone while it charges. You can check Instagram, listen to music and make calls all without worrying about accidentally unplugging your charging cable.

destek1[Image Courtesy of DESTEK]

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The magnetic connection can be rotated a full 360 degrees and adjusted at any angle to accommodate for displays.

destek2 [Image Courtesy of DESTEK]

The company says the product will hit Kickstarter for crowdfunding soon. DESTEK provides a number of various wireless products, ranging from chargers to VR headsets. It says its mission is to remove those inconveniences around devices like smartphones that were created to improve our lives.

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For more information, check out DESTEK devices here. Interested in the product? Follow their Facebook page, and they'll update you as to when the SonicPower becomes available for presale or when their Kickstarter begins.

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