Sony Developed New Voice Recognition for Vision S, Expanded 360 Audio

Sony has developed new voice recognition software, and expanded its 360 real audio ecosystem.
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Sony revealed a newly-developed voice recognition system for its Vision S concept car during the company's live presentation on CES 2021. The company also gave a demo of its Crystal LED C-Series with high contrast, in addition to the B-series — featuring high brightness.

Additionally, Sony recently announced an expansion of its 360 reality audio ecosystem, which runs on the company's new proprietary streaming system, called Artists Connection.


Sony Voice Recognition
The voice recognition software reads lips and gestures even in a top-down convertible. Source: Sony

Sony developed new voice recognition for Vision S

Sony has developed a new voice recognition technology for its concept car — capable of reading speech, facial, and gestural movement, supporting voice recognition in essentially any environment, even in a top-down convertible.

The company compared traditional audio technologies to Sony’s new lip-reading technology, which leverages a camera on the dash. 

The audio system pairs traditional audio with lipreading to enhance the clarity and recognition of the driver’s speech. Sony sees this technology as also being used to help the hearing impaired in the future.

Sony expands 360 reality audio ecosystem

Sony is also expanding the 360 reality audio ecosystem, with software and hardware options. Notably, Sony unveiled a new streaming service called Artist’s Connection, which has exclusive 360 audio media on the platform.

Sony Bravia
Sony launched Bravia Core, enabling on-demand 4K Blu-Ray quality streaming. Source: Sony

Sony's Bravia Core

Sony globally launched a content service called Bravia Core at CES 2021, giving customers access to 4K Blu-Ray quality on-demand streaming of most Sony pictures. Consumers even have access to IMAX Enhanced versions of the films.

Bravia XR uses 'cognitive intelligence' to help brain process imagery

In the entertainment space, Sony announced the launch of BRAVIA XR Televisions. The TVs have “cognitive intelligence” which is built into the display, and tailors the colors and contrast of the picture to how the brain processes imagery. The result is reportedly a picture clearer and crisper than anything else on the market, according to Sony's CES 2021 presentation.

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Sony also noted that as the COVID-19 virus has transformed our viewing habits, one of the main reasons that Sony has invested so heavily into their BRAVIA XR technology this last year.

Associated Press Deal

The Associated Press announced that it has chosen Sony to supply their field teams with all of their recording and filming equipment. This decision was based on Sony’s vast line of camera capabilities, giving the AP any tool they need to get the job done.

Sony Venice Cameras

Sony announced that more than 80 Netflix shows have been shot on their new Sony Venice cameras, their newly-announced premiere line of professional mirrorless cameras.

Sony Airpeak AI Camera
The Airpeak drone will ship later this year. Source: Sony

Airpeak Drone

Sony North America made a number of announcements at CES 2021. The company is innovating across a wide variety of industries all with the focus on the company's three key concepts: realtime, reality, remote. 

Sony also gave a demo of its new drone, called Airpeak, which will ship later this year. The new Airpeak drone is capable of carrying the full load of a DSLR Alpha camera for professional filmmakers — and it looks like it might be one of the best professional drones on the market.

Sony Crystal Wall
Sony gave a demo of its new Crystal LED C- and B-Series TVs. Source: Sony

Sony demoed its Crystal LED C-Series, high contrast, B-Series high brightness

Both of Sony's new displays are available in two pixel-pitch sizes — P1.26 mm and P1.58 mm — to work with varying installation needs and expand Sony's Crystal LED lineup for multiplying applications. These include corporate showrooms, productions, and lobbies.

Sony Crystal
Sony says its new Crystal LED is known for faithfully reproducing creator content. Source: Sony

The new Crystal LED lineup combines image quality, scalability in installation, and flexibility — putting Sony's dynamic visual immersion known for faithfully reproducing creator content at a price that won't break the bank.

At CES 2020, Sony dominated headlines with their surprise announcement of their Vision S concept car. Coming after such a major announcement in 2020, CES 2021 was bound to see a slight drop in the gravity of announcements, for Sony. But not by much.

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