Sony KW1 quirky camera that masquerades as a perfume bottle

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Sony is targeting the ladies with their latest Cybershot camera, the KW1. It's a quirky looking camera that masquerades as a perfume bottle. Along with looking sleek and sexy, the camera is jam packed with features that allow users to make themselves look more attractive in selfie photos. The camera boasts a lens that can rotate 180 degrees and it comes with Wi-Fi built in.


[Image Source: Sony]

This could be Sony’s answer to the Casio EX-TR35; this is a selfie camera that has gone down very well in Asia. Even with a huge price tag of US$1,200 it has sold well thanks to the design. The KW1 from Sony will be heading to China and will target the same market.


[Image Source: Sony]

The KW1 offers a camera of 19.2MP with a 21mm equivalent F2 lens and this is able to rotate 180 degrees to take a selfie shot very easily. Instant sharing is made easy thanks to the NFC and Wi-Fi connections and you can use the camera with a compatible phone for a remote control. On the back of the camera is an OLED touchscreen of 3.3 inches.


[Image Source: Sony]

It is available in a choice of white, pale green, purple or pink and the design takes on the appearance of a perfume bottle. The lens head section of the camera, which can rotate, has a transparent look. The camera has an LED flash built in and the detailing around the lens is Swarovski crystal.

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[Image Source: Sony]

For selfie fans there is a self-timer that acts as a countdown, while the crystal textured camera bracket is perfect for standing the camera down to take shots hands free. Built in software allows users to edit the pictures such as changing the skin tone, enlarging the eyes, smoothing skin, take away shine or even give a face lift digital style.

The Sony Cybershot DSC-KW1 can be pre-ordered for 5, 199 Yen, US$845, and it is thought that the camera will head to China in September. We have no idea about the rest of the world at the moment.

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