Sony's PS4 Has Become the Second Best-Selling Console Ever

The console has sold more units than the original PlayStation.
Fabienne Lang

On Thursday, Sony revealed its quarterly financial report, which pointed out that its PlayStation 4 (PS4) has become the second best-selling gaming console of all time, surpassing its very own original PlayStation. The original one sold 102.5 million units while the PS4 sold 102.8 million this year.

It barely squeezed up past the PlayStation, but it still managed to become one of the most sold consoles ever. 


It's not all peaches and cream for the PS4

The best-selling console of all time was the PS2, which saw a whopping 155 million units sold. Even though the PS4 sold 102.8 million units in total, the quarter before last sold 100 million units, which is a drop from last year's 1.1 million.

The decrease in the sales of quarterly units demonstrates how the PS4 is nearing the end of its lifespan. Not only has its sales of unit numbers dwindled, but its gaming revenue and profit are also down by 17% and 35%, respectively.

With the holiday and gift-buying season on the horizon, Sony expects that its PS4 sales will not increase by much, given the company will be releasing its brand spanking new PS5 during next year's holiday season

That said, even if PS4 console unit sales go down, the sale of games themselves may not, as they will be compatible with the new PS5 console

Even though Sony saw a total drop of three percent over the same time last year, it still recorded $2.5 billion in profit. Gaming may have brought down its earnings a little, but thanks to its other divisions, the company fared well. 

For instance, Sony Pictures made a profit of $1.75 billion, music sales grew by 8%, and its imaging division saw a 22% boost. 

The company's smartphone sales have dropped, however, and is a side of the business the company will look into improving. 

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