South Korea Navy Will Have Its First F-35 Aircraft Carrier

The Republic of Korea Navy plans on kitting the new carrier out with F-35B jets.
Fabienne Lang

Aircraft carriers are not only impressive ships, but they're rather useful as they move fighter jets, helicopters, equipment, and people across the seas.

Now, South Korea has announced that it is joining the military ranks of nations that own aircraft carriers. It will be building its very first aircraft carrier, an LPX-II-class ship that will transport F-35B Joint Strike Fighters, as per USNI news.

It isn't the biggest aircraft carrier out there by any means, but it's a strong addition to the country's navy. 


Adding to its military and defense strategy

The LPX-II aircraft carrier will not be an amphibious ship as was previously believed, rather, it will be a dedicated light aircraft carrier, reports USNI

The blueprint of South Korea's upcoming aircraft carrier was shared on Monday.

Once full, the aircraft carrier is expected to transport approximately 30,000 tons of load. Originally, the LPX-II project was only meant to be launched in 2033, but it has been pushed forward due to political tensions in the area. Construction is set to be done by the last 2020s, as per USNI.

Who is building the ship and when will it be ready?

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) won the contract to build the aircraft carrier last October and plans to create a versatile large-deck landing ship for rapid take-offs and vertical landing jets. 

The conceptual design is still being put together and should be ready by the end of 2020, and the actual commissioning of the carrier will be jointly organized between HHI and the Republic of Korea Navy, set for the start of the 2030s, as per USNI.