South Korea Puts Emphasis on Mask Wearing with Amazing Drone Light Show

Governments are finding novel ways to pass messages to their citizens.
Fabienne Lang

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to live among us, especially as restrictions in certain countries are slowly lifting, governments are looking for novel ways to remind their citizens that they should keep wearing masks, washing their hands, and limiting close physical interactions.

South Korea stepped up its game by giving an impressive 300-strong drone light show on Saturday night. High above the Han river in Seoul, the sky was lit with images of hand washing, masks keeping the virus out, and thank you messages to health care workers. 


Technology playing a big part during the pandemic

The South Korean light show was primarily put on to thank workers on the frontlines for their tremendous effort and hard work during these trying times.

And what better way to thank them than by assisting them in reminding citizens to wear masks, wash their hands, and keep a distance from other people — measures that have been effective in curbing the spread of the coronavirus. 

The 10-minute show started off with bright messages of masks surrounded by the virus, keeping it at bay, then a reminder to wash hands, and finally an image of two people wearing masks keeping a social distance. 

Then bright letters saying "Thanks to you" next to a shining red and pink heart showed the thanks the South Koreans extend to their frontliners. The message ended with a "Cheer up, Republic of Korea" to keep people's morales high. 

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South Korea was one of the first nations to push for mask wearing on public transport and flights, and the government has been commended and followed for its high, and good, level of testing throughout the pandemic.

The event was not advertised ahead of time, so as to keep social distancing regulations in place, as per France24.

Drones have been used in fascinating ways during the pandemic, for instance this drone company has been shuffling COVID-19 supplies to rural parts of Ghana and Rwanda.

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