SpaceX is Preparing for a Mission to Colonize Mars by 2026

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spacex[Image Source: SpaceX]

Elon Musk says he has big plans for future Martians.

Elon Musk is a South African born Canadian-American entrepreneur, engineer, and investor, and is of course once again making headlines with another ambitious plan, one to set humans on Mars within the next few years. One of his most recent endeavors includes his SpaceX program, a private space company dedicated towards pioneering space travel- and one day, traveling all the way to Mars.

Elon founded SpaceX in 2002 and is actively trying to revolutionize space technology, with their ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets – specifically, Mars. SpaceX has developed three functioning spacecraft including the Dragon spacecraft which in 2012 became the first private rocket to attach to the International Space Station, exchanged cargo, and then safely return to Earth. Just recently on April 8th, the dragon once again successfully made a round trip to the ISS, which then landed on the "Of Course I Still Love You" droneship. Currently, the Dragon is undergoing a US$440 MILLION overhaul to prepare the spacecraft for a crew.

One of the newest rocket installments, the Falcon Heavy, has taken the world title for the most powerful rocket ever- by a factor of two. The rocket will be capable of transporting into orbit 119,000 lb of cargo- twice as much as the next most similar operational vehicle, the Delta IV Heavy, at just one-third the cost too.The rockets produce over 5 MILLION pounds of thrust at liftoff and has future plans to carry humans all the way to the Moon and Mars.

Space X shuttle[Image Source: SpaceX]

Elon Musk recently hosted a Q&A on Reddit where he answered hundreds of questions regarding his SpaceX program. One common question asked what his future plans were with traveling to Mars. Elon repliedThe Mars transport system will be a completely new architecture. Am hoping to present that towards the end of this year”. Elon said that he hopes to get humans to Mars by 2026.

His goal is to lift 100 metric tons of cargo to Mars, which will be quite the ambitious ordeal, one that Elon says will require “a very big spaceship and booster system”.

Elon is incredibly ambitious to get humans to Mars so quickly because he fears humans face extinction. He said at a conference in 2013 “Either we spread earth to other planets, or we risk going extinct, an extinction event is inevitable and we’re increasingly doing ourselves in.”

space x[Image Source: Michael Seeley]

Elon Musk is pioneering the space age travel. He is considered by many to be one of the most influential people on the planet – and one of the most ambitious. Hopefully one day he will be able to colonize people on the little red planet, which could potentially be as soon as 2026.

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